DIA is one of the largest dental implantology academies in the Asia Pacific region and is recognised amongst the dental profession as a leading centre for education and support for dental clinicians. We are dedicated to developing and promoting the highest educational and professional standards in the field of dental implantology. Our management team together with many of Australia and the world’s leading specialists philosophy is simple: to elevate the standard of education and support in implant dentistry. Our curriculum includes a broad range of implantology courses from beginner to highly advanced.

We are renowned for educating and supporting clinicians through their initial case as well as furthering the education of some of Australia’s foremost implantology specialists. With an emphasis on utilising a practically focused, hands-on training approach, our goal is to help set and elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry. Our highly regarded team of lecturers and forward thinking approach provides the dental implantology profession with the most progressive information whilst providing extensive hands-on experience. Accordingly DIA awards graduates with the highest level of knowledge and experience for their patient treatment. To ensure an unrivalled level of ongoing support for clinicians, DIA has extablished the DIA Society and DIA Study Club. In partnership with Australian clinicians, DIA strives to continue to advance and support the field of implantology.

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